Zoe Crawford Impresses in Germany

2023 Westlake Girls Sportswoman of the Year, Zoe Crawford, left New Zealand for the International German Cup before most students had finished their NCEA exams. 

Crawford’s first international event with the New Zealand Surf Lifesaving Team was impressive, helping the Black Fins to finish second overall, just behind Australia. Crawford finished fifth in the overall individual women’s standings, the highest New Zealand female placement, while Fergus Eadie (NZ) claimed the top overall men’s spot. 

The two-day pool rescue competition is an annual event that tests the skills and expertise of surf lifeguards. The NZ Open team won gold and two silver medals in the Women’s Relays; individually, Crawford won silver and bronze medals in the pool. The amazing performance saw the eight-person team break eight NZ records – excellent preparation ahead of the Lifesaving World Championships on the Gold Coast next year. 

Zoe is on the left in the featured image.

 Zoe Crawford Individual:

2nd 100m Manikin Tow 

 3rd 100m Manikin Carry

4th 200 Super Lifesaver

NZ Woman Relays:

1st 4x 50m Obstacle Relay

2nd 4x 25m Manikin Relay

2nd 4 x 50m Medley Relay.

Congratulations, Zoe, we are so proud of you!