Young orators impress

The Year 9 Speech Competition and the Year 10 Flash Talk Competition showcased impressive public speaking deliveries on a variety of topics. The finalists all performed with flair in front of a large audience.

Well done to the following students.

Year 9 Speech Competition 

  • 1st Place: Hannah Wilmot – Gender Equality
  • 2nd Place: Addy Viljoen – Global Warming and What We Can Do About It
  • 3rd Place: Sadie Khan – Fast Fashion

Flash Talk Competition 

  • 1st Place: Devon Johnson – The Sexualisation and Objectification of the Mammary Gland
  • Second Place: Olivia Moot – Forgiveness
  • Third Place: Hannah McPhee – Influence

The Year 10 Flash Talk finalists are pictured top. From back left: Julia Wilkins, Yena Elamurugu, Grace Lee, Fay Ajjam. From front left: Olivia Moot (2nd), Hannah Mc Phee (3rd), Devon Johnson (1st).

The Year 9 Speech Competition finalists are pictured below. From back left: Grace Kelly, Hannah Wilmot (1st). From front left:  Sadie Khan (3rd), India Smyth, Addy Viljoen (2nd), Annabel Drew Ross.