Young designers show their flair

This group of Year 9 Fabric Technology students had a lot to smile about at the end of Term 1. Not only did they successfully navigate their first term of high school, but they had something cool to show for their efforts. Each of their bags pictured above was designed and made during class, using material of their own choosing.

Their teacher was Elizabeth Beaumont who, as TIC of Food Technology, is more commonly seen around ovens than sewing machines. “They are one of my Year 9 groups after not teaching fabric for several years,” says Elizabeth. “The Year 9s’ enthusiasm and delight in learning new techniques and applications in fabric reminded me of the creativity I love in teaching technology.”

And the results speak for themselves!

Pictured from left: Delilah Clements, Samantha Syme, Joan Tenny, Harshita Bhatt, Charli Latoa, Sasha Holt, Chloe Mackie, Michaela Symons, and Lottie Davis.