Year 12 Social Studies Crime seminar

Our annual Social Studies Crime Seminar for Year 12 students was held on Tuesday 16th May.

The Crime Seminar was a super interesting experience with lots of diverse opinions that were shared throughout it. In the first half of the seminar, two dog handlers from the Police Deltas gave us a talk about what it is like to be on the frontline supporting the New Zealand public whilst being partnered with a dog.

It also featured a German shepherd called Gio who was a relatively new police dog. This helped me understand the process police officers go through becoming a cop and also about their experiences with crime in New Zealand.

The second guest was Margaret Taylor, a speaker from Amnesty International. She talked about their perspective on the death penalty – how they believe it should be abolished globally with no exception. This was super insightful as I got to learn more about the consequences that come with this extreme form of punishment.

Overall, this seminar provided useful knowledge that for me personally, I could use towards a career of criminology but also reaffirmed that there are amazing people in society that strive for the protection of human rights and care deeply about humanity.

By Emily Errington – Year 12 student.