Year 11 Workforce Science Mangere Mountain Trip

On Thursday 29 September, 26 Year 11 Workforce Science students braved temperatures and pelting rain to travel up Māngere Mountain in support of the learning required for the achievement standard 90952: Science 1.13 “demonstrate understanding of formation of surface features.

To combine the science with the course’s workforce focus, students will complete a tourism resource (pamphlet, video tour, poster) to inform tourists of the amazing geological history of this wonderful place.

A particular highlight was climbing into the lava cave at Ambury Farm. It was a tight squeeze but we managed to get all 26 students and 5 adults into the cave!

Special thanks to Richard Carter, Sustainable School Advisor from the Environmental Services Unit of Auckland Council and Julian Thomson, MoE PLD Facilitator from Field-BasedSTEM in Wellington who accompanied us on the trip to share their expertise.