Year 10s trial Literacy Standards

In 2022, our school will be supporting the Ministry of Education and NZQA to pilot the new literacy standards.

The new literacy standards will help ensure that students have the foundational skills to support them in further studies, work, and life. The standards will become a mandatory part of NCEA in 2023.

This pilot is part of changes that are happening to strengthen NCEA. Changes include: having more learning and fewer assessments, weaving mātauranga Māori through learning, and creating clearer pathways to education and employment.

Our Year 10 students (except for those in 10 EAPA) will be sitting:

–          A reading standard

–          A writing standard

What do you as whānau need to know about being a pilot school?

  • Whānau are not expected to pay any extra costs.
  • The assessment will take place at the end of Term 3.   The assessment will be a Common Assessment Activity and offered digitally. This is a test that students will sit in the classroom.
  • Credits achieved in the pilot will be counted towards your student’s NCEA results. Upon successful completion of these standards your student will have 10 credits.
  • If your student does not pass the standards during the pilot, they will still be able to meet NCEA literacy and requirements through the current list of standards offered in Year 11. They may also have the opportunity to sit the assessment in 2023.

What you can do to support your student:

  • It is helpful to encourage your student to read and write at home or in their day-to-day activities. We will support them to achieve this by offering regular reading and writing opportunities in the classroom.
  • Encourage your student to ask for support when they need it as our teaching staff are always willing to spend time with your student clarifying, explaining and offering help where needed.
  • Encourage your student to attend the weekly lunchtime support sessions held on a Wednesday.


Carol Wright
HoF Language Acquisition and Literature