Y10 Drama

A key part of drama studies is exploring different theatre forms. The Year 10 classes have spent eight weeks learning about Greek Theatre, the myths they are based on and how they were performed. To demonstrate their skills, each class developed an original piece based on a social issue, just as the Ancient Greeks did. One class explored society’s pressure on us to grow up too quickly by creating a game show called ‘The Rat Race’. Contestants had to work through challenges like setting aside childish things to choosing their partner for life. Their fellow contestants were the Greek chorus, and they worked incredibly well together.

The second class tackled internalised misogyny, starting with the lessons good girls are taught and had scenes showing how this is a daily struggle.

The students performed their final performances in front of each other (the first time this year they were able to see what the other class had achieved). We used the Events Centre stage, which helped the students extend their projection and created a unique experience. A big thanks to the Year 13s who came along to support and take pictures. This was a fun unit, and the students can be proud of the work they created.