Wonder Group visit and alumna update

Today, four students had the opportunity to visit the Wonder Group, a renowned concept and interior design studio located in Ponsonby. Known for its innovative designs, Wonder has contributed to iconic spaces such as the Milford Motel, Burger Burger, Duck Island, Island Gelato, Citta, and many more.

Wonder’s exceptional work has earned its team multiple New Zealand Design Awards. Alumna Annuska Menoita (Class of 2014) previously collaborated with Wonder for several years. Her notable contributions include the NZ Best Design Awards 2023 and the design of Island Gelato (see photos). Annuska is about to embark on a new adventure as the Senior Concept Designer Worldwide for Tommy Hilfiger, based at its headquarters in Amsterdam.


From student, Maia Hunter.

I had such a great trip to the Wonder Group on Thursday!

The group left such an inspiring impression on me. They were so inspiring and passionate about what they are creating and providing the best possible outcomes for their clients when creating their dream spaces. The visit was so uplifting it made me very excited to finish school and pursue a career in interior design. I would recommend that our school continues to offer this to its students due to the fact that it taught me about the two types of interior design that I was unaware of before the experience. Buster explained to us that there is commercial design and residential, which was interesting to me because I initially wanted to pursue residential but after his explanation of the types of design I found that commercial interests me more.

Overall the trip was super helpful for my career path as it left me excited with a clear idea of what I want to do and where I might want to study! Thank you for all your help and driving us out there, I super appreciate it.

Thanks, Maia.