Winter Wellness

Eating a healthy diet, maintaining hydration and physical activity are essential to building a strong immune system. This can reduce your recovery time if you do become ill and help in maintaining a healthy weight through the winter months.

Some simple things you can do the keep healthy through the next few months are:

Use seasonal vegetables where possible, they will be cheaper and contain higher levels of nutrients. Frozen vegetables also provide high levels of nutrients, they can be quickly added to recipes as they are often cut and blanched. Canned vegetables are another alternative, they are convenient and can be stored for longer periods of time – look for low salt varieties.

Drinking enough fluids can easily be forgotten as thirst may not be as evident in the colder weather. Water, hot tea, coffee and soups are all great ways to take in fluid, just watch the added sugar.

Save time if returning home late or in the dark by using slow cooking methods. Crock pots can be filled and left on for the day, providing a warm satisfying meal when you return home – with all the delicious smells. Alternatively you could start the day with a warm breakfast of oats and milk, a toasted burrito, beans and bacon. 

Eat consciously and avoid comfort eating, the treat foods eaten can easily become a habit that you do not want to maintain.

Try online food shopping, this saves time at the supermarket, avoids impulse purchases and allows you to spend time making food decisions in the comfort of your home.

For young children you could introduce them to the story of “stone soup”. Basically making a meal out of what you have in the cupboards and garden, it’s a lovely way to introduce them to a simple meal they can cook – the Stone Soup Storey

Winter recipes:

Slow cooked roast lamb – Slow Cooker Roast Lamb

Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito –

Oat porridge –