Weta Workshop opens up a world of fantasy

By Scarlett Haynes

Currently in Year 10 Visual Art, we are focusing on Sculpture.

We were required to design a mixture of a mythological creature from our culture and a real animal. To assist us with our creations we all attended a trip to the Weta Workshop in Auckland city.

It was an incredible experience and truly captivating to see the details and intricate designs of the sculptures. My personal favourite was the fantasy section as it felt like I was walking around an actual castle as if I was a character in the film.

The horror section was frightening due to the graphic and dark designs; even more proof of the sculptor’s incredible skills.

Overall I think the classes really enjoyed the trip and will take inspiration from these displays to improve and build on their own sculptures.


By Angela Yelin Seo

Year 10 Visual Art classes visited the Weta Workshop in Auckland CBD two weeks ago. We were very privileged to have had this opportunity to see the exquisitely detailed sculptures created by the skilled artists.

Furthermore, this trip was inspiring for all art students as we have been working on our sculptures in class, especially since the artworks at the Weta Workshop and our assignment had fairly similar themes.

For me seeing how they made blood appear more realistic in the horror section really helped out while I was painting blood on my sculpture.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed going on this trip with my friends, and I had an amazing time there.