Westlake Wellness: Spring – a perfect time to focus on you

After what seems like a long time in lockdown we are now embracing spring and all that is associated with a change in season and the approaching summer. Soon it will be school holidays which is an ideal break to nourish your wellbeing.

Here are some things to try:

Clean up your environment – many of us have spent many more hours than usual in our bedrooms, spending some time going through cupboards, under the bed and decluttering. 

Establish a place for everything so you can always find it, especially with exams approaching next term. If you can’t find a place for an item, decide if you need it, could you sell or donate it?  

Evaluate your daily /weekly routines, as it is light earlier and dark later, could you use this time to do something for yourself. Start going for a walk regularly, change your study routine, join a club or sports group?

Look at your relationships, most of us have been locked up with the same people for over a month. For many this is family but what could you do to connect with people you haven’t seen during this time?, make some plans to look forward to once we are out of lockdown. How can you keep building on your existing relationships?

Try something new, spring is a great time to start a new skill/activity especially outside. It doesn’t have to involve a lot of time, it could be practicing mindfulness, learning some phrases in another language, a craft, a sport or cooking skill.