Westlake Wellness – Relaxation and Reflection

Our students are now completing final exams, winding down for the year and looking forward to a relaxing holiday break. This time is really important to recharge bodies tired from the mental and physical demands of the year, as well as for reflection on what has gone well and areas to improve on for the future.

Reflection is a really important tool for learning and thinking critically about achievement. Many students express toward the end of the year that they wished they had used their time more effectively to support their learning. This type of reflection is important as it allows students to process a change in behavior they may want to implement in the following year. 

As a school we are supportive of this. Students now have the opportunity to use the holiday break relaxing by doing things they enjoy, being physically active every day and having some sense of purpose through part time work or being involved with family and friends. Each of these aspects can contribute to wellbeing and support relaxation as being a change from the normal routine. It is also really important that students are reminded that as the new year begins it is a great opportunity to implement patterns for relaxation and reflection that will continue with them through the upcoming year and eventually into adulthood.

Elizabeth Beaumont – TIC Food Technology