Westlake Wellness – Planning for success

To achieve in life, you need a plan and a plan that will lead you to success! We plan our day around school or work, then plan for sports, meals and socialising, so it makes sense to have a plan for achieving in school.

Just writing a plan helps your subconscious mind develop strategies to achieve.
There are a range of ways you can go about this:

  • Write a list at the end of the day of the things you want to achieve the next day
  • Keep good records of assessment tasks, identify what is required and when
  • Keep a journal of what you have completed as you go, use your device for reminders and keeping records
  • Discuss with your teachers any goals you could set yourself (daily, weekly, termly)
  • Set aside a quiet time each week to go over any incomplete work or areas you are struggling with, this will help you stay up to date
  • Ask for help with aspects you do not understand and get support early. Discuss your school work with your family and friends
  • Plan to start work and have a completion date for a draft, this allows for extra time to refine work before it is due to be submitted
  • Use your time in class effectively
  • Be prepared, bring your device and support material to class – arrive in time

There are a range of planning tools online:
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Printable Planners for students