Westlake Wellness – Mini Goals

Goal setting is an awesome way to work toward the things you want to achieve, however, sometimes life and barriers outside your control can get in the way. Instead of being disappointed about not achieving a larger goal, re-adjust and set yourself smaller goals that can contribute to your achievement of those bigger goals. By being more accepting of change and willing to adapt to your current situation, you can benefit your overall well being and sense of achievement.

To achieve anything you do have to invest some time and thought into how you might go about this, some suggestions are:

  • Write a list, the simple act of writing a goal down embeds it in your subconscious mind
  • Have a plan, this could be a spreadsheet, mindmap, post it notes, list in your diary
  • Give yourself a timeline to achieve these smaller goals, with realistic deadlines
  • Congratulate yourself on your achievements, take satisfaction in what you have done and how it is helping you to achieve your bigger goals
  • Discuss your goals with someone you trust to support and encourage you