Westlake Wellness – Managing your workload

Managing your workload whether you are at school as a student, in unpaid work or paid employment requires some skill. Everyone needs somebody who really believes in you and will support you (a cheerleader), it is also really helpful to have someone you respect who can give you guidance (a mentor). 

Goal setting and planning for the year/week/day – this is a visual reminder of what you want to achieve but also reminders of deadlines that are required to be met.

  • Mind-maps
  • Online planners
  • Wall planners

Make checklists.

It is really easy to forget items during the day, develop a system for recording that works for you. Try to complete something on your list everyday.

  • Daily planner
  • Coloured card
  • Notes in your phone
  • Sticky notes

Well done – Keep a record of completed tasks, you will be amazed at what you achieve.

Prioritise – organise your tasks into order of importance.

  • Use a highlighter (what is essential, required, preferred
  • Be prepared to change the order!
  • Different tasks will take priority at different times of the day, term and year

Remember your family is always your FIRST priority.

Find short cuts by developing strategies to reduce your workload.

  • Can you buddy up with a friend to do research
  • Create simple ways to summarise your notes, does your teacher provide summaries?
  • Be organised! It really helps

Show up.

Showing up is a huge contributor to success. You can easily access the information and resources you need in class from the expert who is teaching you in a specific option. Showing up allows you to ask questions when you are unsure or do not understand and long term can save a whole lot of extra work.