Westlake Wellness – Keeping Engaged

By Elizabeth Beaumont
TIC Food Technology

Most of you will have been in touch with your teachers regarding work to attempt over the next week. Connecting with school may not be a priority in your family at this point, as it is hard to feel engaged at home in a different environment with a different set of distractions.

However, having a sense of purpose in the day and achieving small goals will really assist with mental health and coping abilities. It can also be an opportunity to consolidate what you know and identify where you really need help for when you return to school.

Some simple tasks to help you feel engaged could be

  1. Join your Google Class Meet or online lesson – use your camera, we love to see you.
  2. Complete a task you have been putting off – like selecting your subjects for 2022.
  3. Check over your work – have you been away and missed a vital concept?, email your teacher to assist you with what you can do to catch up with essential tasks.
  4. Have a online study zoom with a friend, where you challenge/quiz each other and discuss a topic to support your understanding.
  5. Put your knowledge into a different format by presenting as video, voice notes, drawing, mind maps, this allows you to show links you may not otherwise be able to communicate.

Having some welcome distraction to break up your day will also help you to engage when needed. Remember to:

  • Get outside in the fresh air, with your mask and only those immediate bubble members.
  • Eat nutritious food and regularly, your brain needs fueling too.
  • Drink plenty of water, even though it’s cold weather you still need at least 2 litres of fluids a day.
  • Watch something with the others in your household that you all enjoy – we’re doing cartoons today before dinner!
  • Bake a recipe or help make a meal, you could design a new recipe!

Stay safe and we are all looking forward to seeing you again soon back at school!