Westlake Wellness – Incidental Exercise

There are enormous benefits to our physical and mental health that are associated with regular exercise throughout our lifespan. Weight bearing exercise helps to develop strong bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life, high intensity exercise builds lung capacity and exercises the heart. Moving the body through a range of motions helps to maintain and develop muscles which support our skeleton and prevent injury. 

Many students at Westlake Girls High School are involved in exercise activities, such as dance, drama and sports. Exercise that is performed in teams or groups helps to build friendships and a sense of belonging. At WGHS there are many options to choose from both in and outside the classroom.

However, some individuals never progress to planned exercise for a range of reasons such as being time poor, not having the clothing or equipment required, feeling self conscious, having low levels of existing fitness and a lack of commitment. Incidental exercise can be of huge benefit to these individuals as it is not a formal or organised type of exercise but still has a range of health benefits.

Below are a few ways to consciously incorporate incidental exercise into the day:

  • Walk fast – everyone has somewhere to go, so go more quickly and get your heart rate up
  • Join in – if there is a game, don’t just be an observer – try to join in
  • Do more – empty the dishwasher, hang out the washing, clean the floors, clean windows
  • Go further – get off a stop early and walk a little further each day to your destination
  • Use stairs – take them two at a time! This will really work the glutes and get the heart pumping