Westlake Wellness – Hydration and School Lunches

By Elizabeth Beaumont

In the very hot and humid weather at this time of the year, it is really important to stay hydrated throughout the day, to remain alert, feel comfortable and get the most out of time in the classroom.

We recommend your child brings a water bottle to school and frequently refills it during the day. There are chilled water filters for the students located around the school, as well as water fountains and taps for refilling water bottles. Fruit and vegetables are a great source of liquid as they have a high water content, contributing to daily liquid intake, as well as providing additional fibre and nutrients. Seasonal examples are watermelon, cucumber and tomatoes, all of which are readily available and reasonably priced at this time of year.

If your child struggles to eat breakfast before school, encourage them to include additional food when they make their lunch that they could eat before school to provide fuel for the start of the day. Planning and preparing what they will eat during the day develops feelings of responsibility and independence in your child and can be an opportunity to learn more about food and its role in their body. Inspiration for school lunches can be challenging, I have listed a few helpful websites for ideas below: