Westlake Wellness – Eat your lunch

By Lizzie Beaumont
TIC Food Technology

Lunchtime at school is a time to refuel, socialise with friends, meet with teachers or participate in an extra-curricular group.

Around this time of year students can become bored with what they are currently taking to school to eat and it is a good time to re-evaluate food options as we look forward to cooler weather in the autumn months.

In this Westlake Wellness article I have added some ideas for lunchtime foods, all of which are high energy, low fat and packed full of nutrition.

  1. Wraps with salad, chicken, tuna, chilli beans, hummus
  2. Vegetable Salads – try to mix it up and use colourful root vegetables (kumera, beetroot, carrot) and add seeds or nuts for extra texture
  3. Pasta salads – spiral pasta with pesto and almonds, shell pasta with curried dressing and nuts
  4. Quesadillas – add tomato, herbs and cheese to tortilla wraps

Always remember to hydrate during the lunch break, we have plenty of water fountains around the school as well as chilled water stations.

Sweetpea and Saffron have a great website for ideas: https://sweetpeasandsaffron.com/healthy-lunch-ideas/  

Remember to try and swap out treat foods for healthy snacks as often as you can:

  • Swap potato chips for popcorn
  • Swap a smoothie for protein shake
  • Swap orange juice for oranges
  • Swap biscuits for rice cakes with cheese