Westlake Wellness – Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the one most frequently skipped. Adolescents skip breakfast for a variety of reasons often stating lack of time in the morning, not having food that is quick to prepare or simply not feeling hungry. Role modeling good breakfast eating habits to your daughter  is important in developing lifelong healthy behaviors around eating. 

The word breakfast literally means “breaking your fast” from the last time you ate (usually the night before). It provides the nutrients to start your day, assisting with concentration and mental performance. Studies show that individuals who eat breakfast are less likely to snack on high energy foods during the morning as the energy released keeps them going for longer.

How you can encourage your daughter to eat breakfast –  

  • Make breakfast a morning habit, try to sit and eat together 
  • Be prepared, have the components to make breakfast ready the night before, to avoid rushing
  • Remember to have a drink at breakfast, water, milk or a warm drink
  • Focus on the breakfast meal, avoid having devices at the table
  • Encourage them to eat something no matter how small – the amount will increase as it becomes a habit
  • Foods that are quick and easy to make will be most popular, encourage your daughter to prepare breakfast herself where possible

Avoid making breakfast a battle – if she will not eat breakfast there is nothing wrong with your daughter bringing a nutritious snack to consume before school or at morning tea.