Westlake Girls Rowing – recruiting now!

Calling all students interested in being a part of the Westlake Girls Rowing team, we are currently recruiting for our 8-week winter learn to row programme.

This programme teaches students the basics of the rowing stroke and gives them an introduction to the sport. At the completion of the programme, students will apply to be selected for the summer rowing season. Selection is based on a mix of physical ability, attitude & commitment to the programme. Those successful will be welcomed to our summer Novice (first year rowers) programme in September 2022.


THE IDEAL ROWER – We are looking for students in Years 9-12 who are highly competitive, willing to work hard and are motivated to achieve their best. While natural attributes such as being tall or having strong legs are certainly advantageous, they do not define a great rower. Rowing is far less about natural physical ability than it is about mental strength!

THE IDEAL COXSWAIN –  Critical to the success of a crew of rowers is a coxswain. This is the person who instructs rowers and steers the boat in training and racing situations. The ideal coxswain is assertive, confident, a quick learner and weighs 55kg or less (all coxswains need to weigh 55kg – if a student does not naturally weigh 55kg they would carry dead weight in the boat when they race).


We will be running two open days held at North Shore Rowing Club on Sunday 12 and 19 June from 8:15-10:30am – if you would like to attend one of these open days to learn more about the sport please register HERE  or collect information from the Sports Department now.


You can learn more about the Westlake Girls rowing programme here – https://www.westlakegirls.school.nz/rowing/ or by contacting Kim Dowden:  [email protected]