Update from the School Board

We were fortunate to have several presentations from staff for the May WGHS Board meeting.  All the presentations were informative with the lead staff member providing strong evidence of the value of the support and activity their area provides to the students, teachers and staff at the school.  The Board thanks those staff who took the time to prepare and present during the meeting.

Curriculum review – Technology. 

Kate Luisetti presented on the subjects included in the Technology department, which includes Food Technology, Fabric Technology, Technology Hard Materials and Digital Technology.  We were fortunate to be shown examples of student work across the different year groups, as well as the key curriculum focus areas for the teachers for this year.  We know many of our students enjoy these subjects and are fortunate to have very passionate teachers who support their learning.   We were privileged to sample some of the Year 13 Food Technology culinary delights.

Annual Health and Safety report

Deputy Principal Paul Davis provided a comprehensive annual report for the Boards review.  The Board has a strong focus on supporting Paul and Jane Stanley to provide an environment which is as safe as possible for students and staff and are confident that the school has the right policies, procedures, and rigorous controls in place to do so.  Given recent weather events, and incidents at other schools the Board were keen to understand that the leadership team and staff had everything they needed to make sensible decisions and to operate effectively with changing circumstances.  The Board commends Jane, Paul and the wider team for the work they do every day to ensure the safety of students and staff.

The Board also reviewed and ratified the Health and Safety policy.

Student Wellbeing/Pastoral systems

Rachel Bickerstaff provided a very informative presentation regarding the pastoral care that is provided at the school as well as the general wellbeing of the students who attend the school.  The team continue to monitor the health and wellbeing of all our students and provide the necessary support to ensure students are cared for.

Policy reviews:

All registered schools must have a policy on reducing student distress and the use of physical restraint, as required by the Ministry of Education.  The Board confirmed that the school’s policy and procedures had been updated in line with the Board’s policy (which sits alongside the Board’s Student behaviour management policy), and that appropriate support and resources are in place.


The Board continues to review the state of the buildings on site and ensures that regular repairs and maintenance are carried out.  With several weather events over the last few months, the Board continue to ensure that any remedial work is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

PPTA Industrial action:

The PPTA confirmed on Wednesday 31st May their planned industrial action has resumed.  We understand and appreciate the difficulties this action continues to place on our community.  The Board reinforces its support of the school’s teachers and their claims.  Thanks for your continued understanding.

Other matters

Jane Stanley heads off on her sabbatical on 29th May where she will be travelling overseas visiting schools and education institutes in Australia and across the USA. We look forward to Jane’s knowledge and insights gained from attending the Australasian Alliance of Girls Schools Conference in Hobart, and the International Coalition of Girls Schools Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. This will provide valuable insights around pedagogy and best practise, together with observations made during school visits in Hobart, Los Angeles, New York and Cleveland.

Whilst Jane is away the team will be led by Acting Principal: Dave Burton from 29th May to July 9th, and then Sarah Hooper from July 10th to August 21st, both ably supported by Paul Davis as Acting Associate Principal.  We wish Jane a fantastic trip, and hope she enjoys her well-earned sabbatical.

Our next board meeting is to be held on Tuesday 27th June, contact Marie McKerrow, Board Secretary and Principal’s EA if you would like to attend.