Tomorrow EXPO: Inspiring Innovators

We know that when our young students enter the workforce they are likely to be starting a job that does not exist yet! We live in a time where the future is uncertain, with complex challenges such as climate change, artificial intelligence and advanced digitalisation accelerated by a global pandemic. Education is key in preparing tomorrow’s generation to lead positive change in this fast-changing world which is no longer confined to schools and classrooms.

Tomorrow Expo’s, part of Tech week, had a dedicated day for our future generations giving them the opportunity to meet leading tech companies, explore tech careers and inspire future innovators. Experiencing Tech23 Tomorrow Expo provided an opportunity for our learners to see and imagine their future tech career.

Here is what some of our young STEAM students had to say. 

“On Friday 12 May, we got the opportunity to go to the Tomorrow Expo, an event showcasing different study, career, and research opportunities within the tech industry.
The event was set up so every exhibitor that was there had their own stand where they could show and discuss what they had to offer. Some of what was displayed there was robots, virtual reality, innovative infrastructure, AI with Microsoft, Geo AR augmented reality games, and countless others.  Along with businesses, there were also groups that helped people get jobs, and helped businesses thrive. Everyone there was really passionate about what they were doing, and eager to help us with whatever tech career we might choose.

“We also had the opportunity to listen to two talks by people describing their journeys into their tech careers. Both of them emphasised how anyone can have a tech career, even if you didn’t necessarily plan to, and about breaking stereotypes related to tech careers. Overall the tech expo was an amazing, inspiring experience that highlighted the many pathways to a career in tech.” Anya Cowan and Felicity Wright, Year 10 STEAM students.

We explored some important companies like ANZ Bank, Microsoft, Callaghan Innovation, Te Matarau Māori Tech Association and She Sharp, an organisation with a mission to bridge the gender gap in the STEM Industry, one woman at a time. We got to meet some people from the New Zealand Defence Force and talk to them about their experiences when they were pursuing their careers. 

“One of my highlights of the day was getting to sit in a Tesla, as this has been my aspiration since I first learned about it. Going to this event has opened a lot of doors for my future self and introduced me to a lot of careers in Tech. Hearing about the experiences of these remarkable leaders has inspired me in a lot of ways, with one thing always being clear: make the most of your time. Overall, I really appreciated attending this Expo.” Ovee Dimble, Year 9 STEAM Student.