The cast list is up!

We’re excited to bring you our two Westlake productions for 2022 – Antigone and The Government Inspector.

Auditions have been held for Antigone, which will feature a cast consisting entirely of WGHS students. The Government Inspector will feature an all-Westlake Boys cast. Antigone is a tragedy written by Sophocles in or before 441BC and with the central theme being the tension between individual action and fate.

Here is the cast list for our very talented WGHS ensemble:

Antigone: Madi Jagger
Ismene: Katie Brown
Creon: Olivia Brendel
Haemon: Sian Maloney
Teiresias: Chelsea Hodgson
A pair of soldiers: Amelia Stace and Sienna Potvin
Messenger: Grace Blackwell

Lead Chorus: Erina Brown, Julia Wilkins, Caitlin Smith, Dora Kolose, Layla Whiteside

Chorus: Stephanie Mutch, Aimee Matenga, Zoe Turner, Devon Johnson, Kinda Kassibawi, Annah Matthew, Frankie Feeney, Shuyan Liu, India Smith, Hollie Blackwell, Kavita Teles, Caitlin Spear, Keira McAven, Gemma Scanlen, Emma Reid, Chloe Eichler, Maryanne Vaavale.