Team makes the national finals

By Susana Tomaz

Our Year 10 STEAM students have worked very hard through lockdown to develop their Community Project prototypes. They have risen to the challenge and have demonstrated great resilience, adaptability, problem-solving and collaboration.

Below are links to 3 of the 12 projects that were nominated for the national competition 123 Tech.

I am very excited to announce that STEAM 6 (Invisible Disabilities) has been selected as a National Finalist in that competition. They had their session with the judges on Thursday 2 December and will hear shortly if they are the National Winner. Congratulations to Shreeji Patel, Estelle Fernandez and Sumi Wang.

Below are the nomination videos and google sites of each group. The quality of their work is outstanding.




STEAM 1 (Beyond the Glass Walls/ Animal testing) video and google site– Jihyun Min, Ella Kim, Natalie Whitie

STEAM 6 (Invisible Disabilities) video and google site – Shreeji Patel, Estelle Fernandez and Sumi Wang (pictured top)

STEAM 7 (Simply Sustainable) video and google site– Kate Borton, Jin-Joo Lee, Yvanna Uniral and Kinda


We are very sad that we’re unable to have guests at our STEAM Innovation Expo next Tuesday 7 December. However, we will take lots of photos for you to enjoy.