Te Reo o Te Roto captures the essence of Westlake

Welcome to the first edition of Te Reo o Te Roto: The Language of the Lake!

The name change for our school newsletter comes at the instigation of our seven top Prefects – Grace Chen, Charis Allison, Ti’a Armstrong, Abbie Clements, Jumana Maash, Paige Blake and Aine Maloney (all pictured above from left). Earlier this year they launched a project to rename the newsletter from The Voice – which although has a long history is quite generic – to something that better captured the essence of our school.

They asked for name suggestions from staff and students, and a huge amount of people jumped in with creative and sometimes astonishing ideas. On the list were some very strong contenders (Cygneture came a close second), and some that will forever remain unmentioned in the bottom drawer.

Te Reo o Te Roto: The Language of the Lake was chosen by the seven Prefects because it reflects our multi-cultural community. Te Reo represents communication and sharing, and Te Roto draws its significance from our school name.

The name was a collective effort, starting with Shella Dabbach’s suggestion of ‘Reo Rua’ and evolving from there.

The name was then approved by Senior Management and with a tick from Matua Eddie Hudson, plans were underway to incorporate it into our newsletter template.

We’re proud to present it to you today, and hope you love it as much as we do.