Students honoured at Academic Assembly

We held our yearly full-school Academic Assembly on Monday 20th February, to present our 2023 Prefects and Tuakana with their badges, our 2022 Level 1 and 2 NCEA Excellence endorsement achievers with their badges, and our 2022 Scholarship winners with flowers.

Westlake Girl’s High School obtained a total of 52 Scholarships in 19 Subjects in 2022.

Four Outstanding Scholarships were awarded to Wilhelmina Li – Media Studies, Ella Wilson and Elsa Ajish – Biology, and Y12 Student Farwa Khan – Chemistry. The Scholarships were obtained by 35 students, 6 of whom were Y12 students in 2022. The best performing subject was Biology with 9 Scholarships.

Students receiving multiple scholarships were:

4 Scholarships each:

  • Sybil Carba – Art History, Classical Studies, English and History
  • Raeanne Leow – Biology, Chemistry, Economics, and Statistics

3 Scholarships each:

  • Shijia Zeng – Biology, English, and Health and Physical Education
  • Ivy Mitchell – English, History, and Media Studies
  • Ayane Kondo – Art History, Geography and Japanese
  • Kirsten Abustan (Y12) – English, History, and Media Studies

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