Students and Parents Inspired by Resilience Expert

Last week, staff, Year 12 and 13 students, Scholarship candidates and parents were lucky enough to attend sessions with sought-after speaker Darren Perreira.

Darren began as an accountant at KPMG but soon transitioned to leadership and management training. Within two years, he gained national recognition. At 29, he founded his own business, specialising in life, business coaching, and corporate training for global giants. He’s now renowned for dynamic seminars on study skills, resilience, motivation, careers, and leadership, reaching over 525,000 individuals in 20 years across 7 countries.

Darren’s focus was on resilience using his acronym ROAD:

R = Resilience O = Optimism A = Association D = Determination.

He provided tools to cultivate these qualities, including mindful breathing, gratitude, and reframing. He also emphasised the importance of sufficient sleep. For our Scholarship candidates, he delved into mindset, self-belief, time management, stress reduction, and the value of failure. With parents, he shared strategies for fostering resilience in their children. The entertaining sessions were full of laughter and generated very enthusiastic feedback. Keep an eye out early next year for announcements about opportunities to see Darren in 2024.