Student yoga proves a hit

2022 saw the introduction of student yoga at Westlake Girls.

Term 1 started with new online yoga classes  due to the restrictions of Covid. Sarah, who is an external instructor, designed special yoga sessions specifically for Westlake students. This gave the opportunity for our students to start and continue doing yoga in the safety of their own home which they could do at any time. New yoga sessions were posted weekly for Term 1.

Term 2 and 3 – Yoga sessions were run each week on Wednesday afternoons in the fitness centre 3.25 – 4.15pm . Students had the opportunity to just turn up each week with no prior bookings or cost. A number of different students tried yoga throughout the year and it was excellent to see many regulars coming back each week.  It was also a fun way for our international students to try something new while they were visiting in Term 3.

There are so many benefits to yoga from improving overall wellbeing, posture and balance, to  improving strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination. Yoga can also help to reduce stress, improve resilience,  increase energy levels, help with sleeping better and reduce injuries.  Simple techniques of breathing  and awareness of mindfulness and meditation were taught alongside learning different yoga postures and sequences.

It was a fun way for students to learn something new while having fun with their friends. It will definitely be something Westlake continues to run in 2023.