Student achievement celebrated by whole school

Our first full-school assembly was held in mid February, celebrating our 2019 academic success, and welcoming our 2020 Prefects.

“Our provisional 2019 NCEA results are excellent,” says Principal Jane Stanley. “In Year 11, 89.6% of our students gained NCEA Level 1, 94.6% gained Level 2, and 91.7% gained Level 3. A total of 81.0% achieved University Entrance. Once again, we are very pleased with these results.”

A total of 128 students (25.5%) achieved Level 1 Academic Excellence Endorsements and 95 students (21.7%) achieved Level 2 Academic Excellence Endorsements.

The Anna Buchly Cup for Academic Excellence in Level 1 went to Grace Chen, the 2020 Student Trustee on our Board of Trustees. Grace achieved Level 1 with Excellence Endorsement. She gained Excellence course endorsements for Science, Spanish, Mathematics, Digital Technology and English, and Merit course endorsement for History. She obtained 102 Level 1 Excellence credits across those subjects.

The Cup for Academic Excellence in Level 2 went to Quennie Chen, our 2020 Onewa House Academic Prefect. Quennie achieved Level 2 with Excellence Endorsement for all six of her subjects – Biology, English, Chemistry, Calculus, Physics and Music. This follows her Level 1 NCEA Excellence Endorsement from 2018, when she achieved 166 Excellence credits.

As reported in the last newsletter, we also had 52 students awarded scholarship.

Pictured below is Wairau House Cultural Prefect Maia Edmonds performing the karanga.