Stellar year for Westlake netballers

Westlake Girls finished the netball season on a high note at the Harbour Netball Prizegiving Awards night on Thursday 22 September, after winning 8 grades, finishing 2nd in five and 3rd in seven more grades, making it 20 podium finishes across 22 grades.

Westlake also won two coveted trophies, the Highest number of goals score by a team across all the secondary school teams and the Lowest number of goals score against teams in the Collegiate Grades.  WGHS 5 (Year 10-1, pictured left), had a superb season winning the first trophy and most of their games by more than 20 goals each week.

The school’s top Year 10 team beat Wentworth 1, 51- 27 in the final to win Open B Grade.  Shooter, Karmen Maritz and mid-courter, Talia Chatfield also represented Harbour at the North Island Under 14 Championships where they won Gold for the first time earlier in the year.

The Year 9-14 team (pictured right), coached by students, Ishani Soni-Singh, Adriana Tobin, Alison Fan, had an imposing defensive unit that prevented all the opposition teams from scoring double figures.  The Year 9 team won the cup for the Lowest goal average scored against them in all the Collegiate Grades.  Their results across the season resembled 27-2, 27-5 and 14-4 and in the final they beat Horizon 11- 1 to win the Year 9 Grade 8 Championship.

Netball North Harbour Grade Winners

WGHS 5          College Open B Grade
WGHS 18        College 9 Grade
WGHS 24        College 12 Grade
WGHS Year 9 – 1        Year 9 – Grade 1
WGHS Year 9 – 3        Year 9 – Grade 2
WGHS Year 9 – 6        Year 9 – Grade 3
WGHS Year 9 – 13      Year 9 – Grade 7
WGHS Year 9 – 14      Year 9 – Grade 8