Sign of the times

By Fiona Mackie
HOD Library

Signs are important. Signs tell you how to locate places, where to find things and what to expect when you arrive. I’ve been thinking about a sign for the Library for some time.  I wanted a sign that reflected and acknowledged all our community, that welcomed everyone, that said YES! You are welcome here, come on in!

After working out which languages were the most evident, I then needed help translating ‘welcome to the library’ in those languages. A huge thank you to the staff and students who helped me with this, as it’s easy to translate one word, but a phrase is not so simple.

It was important to me that no one language be bigger than any other, as all are equal. I did want the English phrase to be in a rainbow font, as a special nod to our Diversity group, and to be at the top with Māori, as our official languages. I’m thrilled with the sign, and think it adds vibrancy to our space.