Showquest Accolades Reflect Tremendous WGHS Talent

On Wednesday, 28 June, 51 of our students attended the Annual Showquest Event at Aotea Centre. Led by Kaley Moir and Issy Mirams, the committee worked tirelessly for an entire year leading up to this event. Showquest is a student-run event where the committee decides a theme/storyline for their performance. The students compose a soundtrack, create choreography, design, source or make costumes and props, design a lighting programme and video wall, and incorporate wearable art and live music into the 10-minute performance.

Their performance, ‘Ka Mau Tonu’, meaning ‘It Carries On’, portrays how war is a cyclical event, from the ‘war to end all wars’, WW1, to WW2 beginning 21 years later, and now the Ukraine war today. This performance shows how violence continues to happen, despite the promises of peace and resolution. It also portrays the hurt and pain inflicted on innocent people and depicts the reality of the trauma and devastation of war for both the soldiers and their families.

The students did an outstanding job, bringing home awards for their live music and video wall. They should all be incredibly proud of themselves.





Their perfo






Their perfo