Shannelle Fassioms’ original composition produced at professional recording studio

The Lion Foundation Play It Strange Competition is a NZ wide contest that invites high school age students to submit their original songs for the chance at getting their songs professionally recorded and produced at a local recording studio. One of our year 13 contemporary musicians Shannelle Fassioms, succeeded in making the list of the 25 bonus finalists with her original composition ‘A Room Full of Books’.

Shannelle said, “when I wrote the song, I wasn’t expecting it to win any competitions. It happened very suddenly and that just shows you that sometimes you have to take a risk and try new things because you never know what’s coming for you. However, having that experience of being in a studio watching the music that I created come to life was truly inspiring and beautiful. That is why I intend on continuing my songwriting journey for as long as I can!”

Shannelle has grown significantly in her song writing ability over the last three years – most notably in her lyrical depth and storytelling – and it is fantastic to have that growth recognised by an external source such as the Lion Foundation. We are very proud of Shannelle and are looking forward to hearing the final mixed track once it is released.