Science in the Real World. Y12 Trip to Air NZ.

Science in the Real World – Y12 Trip to Air New Zealand.

In the September school holidays, we were humbled to experience the Air NZ Aircraft Maintenance Hangar tour at Auckland Airport. There, we were able to visit workshops where Air Zealand aircraft are maintained and repaired. We had the opportunity to talk to several mechanical engineers working for Air New Zealand.

One huge highlight was going inside the Air New Zealand Airbus-A321, an aircraft used for international travel. We entered the flying deck/cockpit and learned about the aircraft’s controls and how it operates. We were also able to see special resting areas for the pilots and onboard crew within the aircraft. Another major highlight was seeing the engine thruster of the aircraft. The engineers explained how turbine engines work, and we were amazed by the engines’ vast size and energy output.

Walking through the workshops and seeing aircraft maintenance procedures in person was such a valuable experience as it widened our knowledge regarding aviation and careers within the industry.

Our tour guide was highly knowledgeable and showed us the relevance of applied science in aviation. We really appreciated that, as it increased our interest in the science we learn at school.


This amazing experience gave us great insight into what it is like to be a part of the Air New Zealand Team and the wonderful opportunities in aviation.

By Jappan Kaur and Shreeji Patel, Year 12.