SchoolBridge -personalised dashboard and App

We have a new Parent Portal and App called SchoolBridge. SchoolBridge provides a personalised dashboard that is synced with access to the KAMAR calendar, parent-teacher interviews, student timetable, and assessment calendar in one convenient location.

Your dashboard and App is unique to you, and you will need to sign into the dashboard the first time you use it or when you change your account password.

The new App has replaced our current school App, and absentee notifications are no longer accepted through the old WGHS App.

You can access the dashboard from the website under the parent portal or bookmark this link

To log in to the dashboard, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the following link:
  2. Click on “Caregivers” Or “Students”
  3. Sign in using the email address registered in our system.

Download the SchoolBridge App for access to all the features available on your dashboard.

To download the App, follow the QR code below or click on the icon on the left menu of your new dashboard.