Last Friday, the Rotary Interact Group had our badge and certificate ceremony. We invited  the president of North Harbour Rotary and members from Takapuna Rotary as well. Angela Kim got a special mention as she has been selected has been selected to attend the National Science and Technology Forum which is being held in January, 2024. We’re very proud of her!

Angela’s report is below.

The Rotary National Science and Technology Forum is a highly successful programme for high-achieving high school students in Year 12. Students are selected based on their passion for science, maths, and technology from across the motu. Held at the University of Auckland over two weeks during the summer holidays, 168 places are offered to students keen to pursue a career in these subjects.

The programme offers many fantastic activities, including attending lectures, labs, field trips, campus visits, meeting experts, visiting organisations (such as TVNZ, Air New Zealand, Watercare), and much more. This programme involves a wide range of subjects and exposure to molecular biology, biomedical engineering, and electronics/robotics. It is an excellent opportunity to excel academically, explore what university life is all about and participate in non-academic activities. It is also a wonderful chance to network and connect with like-minded students with a strong interest in science, mathematics and technology, leading to lifelong friendships.

The application process begins in August and involves three main requirements to support your application:

  1. Fill out the application form with the necessary information, such as achievements and awards.
  2. A letter of recommendation from the Head of Science or School Principal.
  3. A carefully written letter to the President of the local Rotary club on why you should be considered.

If the local Rotary Club accepts your application, you will undergo an interview and, if successful, be shortlisted. The final decision is with the Rotary District Coordinators, who decide on the final selections.

I am deeply humbled and honoured to have the privilege of participating in this programme. It is an immersive and enriching experience. 

I want to offer my warmest thanks to Rotary North Harbour and Takapuna Branches and, of course, to our own Rotary Club here at Westlake Girls.

Angela Nahyun Kim (Year 12).

Angela with Jerry Norman (President of North Harbour Rotary) and Nikki Miles (Youth Committee).