Rotary Interact and Auckland City Mission – Blanket Donation

By Shella Dabbach
Rotary Interact

An organisation working 100 years to help the lives of others, can you guess who? That’s right Auckland City Mission! Similarly, our Rotary Interact group follows a mission of ‘Service above Self’, where we act to create needed positive change in other people’s lives.

Collaboration occurred and magic spurred with Westlake Girls’ students and their whanau. Rotary Interact successfully initiated a Blanket Drive over the past few weeks. Our goal related to sustainability as many blankets were second-hand, donated by people who cleaned out their closets in search of blankets for the homeless.

Thursday the 24th of June was our final day for donations and we were astonished with the end result. A total of 50 fluffy, long, warm, and neat blankets were donated. On behalf of the Rotary Interact group, we want to thank you the community for being so collaborative and selfless, taking up the time to help others during these chilly winter months.

Rotary Interact officers and Mrs McDermott were fortunate to get a tour around Auckland City Mission, discovering how they help those in need in the community. They offer holistic support in three main areas: Homelessness, Hunger and Health. Auckland City Mission is full of caring people with a beautiful vision to get people off the streets and into a loving community where they can learn, grow, and benefit from one another.

I am still amazed by their work and super excited to see their finished accommodation building this November 2021. We are very inspired as a group and hope to continue more drives like this blanket one in the future.

Pictured from left are: Linda Broom (Community Engagement Specialist), Diya Shah 12ATS, Ariana Aminian 12OTM, Micah De Leon 12HTN, Shella Dabbach 13OHP, Daniel Payne – Fundraising Assistant.

Please support the Auckland City Mission and all the great work that they do.