Reading Buddy Programme brings smiles all round

By Tina Kim and Estelle Fernandez

This year a group of students from Years 10-13 at Westlake Girls High School volunteered to help out primary school aged children at Milford School to develop their reading.

On the cold Thursday mornings, everyone would find their way to the Milford School and we were paired up with a buddy who we would get to know as well as helping them with their reading skills. This experience was exciting and it felt wonderful knowing we were helping the next generation find a love and passion for reading.

There were many enthusiastic young readers, eager to learn how to pronounce new words every week and even the less enthusiastic ones were smiling at the end of sessions.

Although our time with them may have been cut short due to lockdown, the many weeks we spent with them will stay with us – and them.

By the end of everything, both the wee readers of Milford, and the big readers from Westlake were left very fulfilled and happy with their reading.