Prefects prepare for an exciting year ahead

Our Prefects are a fantastic group of young leaders who give of their time to help build community within our school.

While most of our students were still on holiday, our Head and Deputy Head Prefects, along with the five House Captains, spent time getting to know each other and preparing for their roles this year.

Sessions included speech writing and presenting, vision and values, becoming aware of leadership styles, and personal development planning. We’re excited to start the year with these exceptional young women.
Pictured above from front left are Ivy Mitchell (Head Prefect), Aimee Euston-Stewart (Wairau House Captain), Ella Dorward (Deputy Head Prefect), Rachel Bickerstaffe (trainer), Ella Borrie (Akoranga House Captain), Louise Clouston (trainer), Holly Williams (Onewa House Captain), Tallulah Salmon (Hauraki House Captain) and Lucy Jobbins (Pupuke House Captain).
Once school started, all of our Prefects and Tuakana enjoyed a training day (pictured below) in preparation for the important role they will play in our community this year.