Pasifika Performance at Wilson School

On Tuesday, August 22, a selection of our Cook Island, Tongan, and Fijian dancers performed at the Wilson School in Takapuna as part of their Pasifika festival. The girls performed beautifully, and the audience of students, support workers and staff were very supportive and enthusiastic.

Here is what one of our students had to say:

 “Today was an amazing opportunity. To be given the chance to perform in front of a school with special needs was empowering. It reminds me of why I’ve chosen to take a career path that helps with young children. It was a one-of-a-kind experience that I will forever cherish – having the kids there cheer for us as we performed not only for the Cook Island group, but for the Tongan and Fijian groups too. It filled my heart with joy, knowing that they enjoyed our performance. Not only that but being able to see them interact with our students and take photos reminds me of how grateful I am to be blessed with such opportunities; I pray that there are many more experiences for our PI students like this. I would just like to thank our school for letting us, the Pacific Island Students, go on this trip and share our culture with the students of The Wilson School.” Emma-Jade Amadia.