Parents Forum

The Parents Forum raises money for the Student Welfare Fund which supports students and their families during difficult financial times. The main income is through the Second Hand Uniform shop which was founded in 2017. Over the last decade, we were able to assist many students and families with food, fees, stationary and uniform items. This support was very much appreciated, especially during covid times. On Saturday the 10th of December we are holding our yearly big uniform sale in the gym 3 (main gym), more information about this will follow in an email next week.

At the end of each year, we organise the staff morning tea to celebrate WGHS staff. We would like to thank all the parents/caregivers who helped make the staff morning tea a success, it was simply amazing. Thank you so much so for your delicious dishes, for the amazing gifts and to all the helpers.

As some of you already know, I am stepping down as Chairperson of the Parents Forum. I started as Chair of the PTA at WBHS in 2008, and came to WGHS in 2011. It has been a privilege to have been in this role for more than a decade and to have been able to help so many students. Also, a big thank you to Kim Ferguson who has been by my side for many years. Setting up the Second Hand Uniform Shop has been our biggest achievement to date and has helped us raise tens of thousands of dollars for the Welfare fund.

We will be leaving the Second Hand Uniform Shop in very capable hands within the next two months. The new Chairperson is Tracey Smith, current Chair of the PTA WBHS, and joining her will be MJ van Rhiemen. Thank you so much Tracey and MJ for putting your hands up to continue the Second Hand Uniform Shop. I am sure that under your leadership, the shop will expand and will see an increase of funds to support more and more students in the future.

Thank you again so much.

Barbara Scholten