New initiative tackles period poverty

Westlake’s Rotary Interact Group has taken an awesome step towards tackling period poverty, by ensuring all students have access to adequate protection.

Vivianne McDermott, who runs the Rotary Interact Group at Westlake, said the 75 participants identified period poverty as an issue, and wanted to remedy the fact that products are not easily accessible by all students. The result was two sanitary product dispensers installed at Westlake Girls during the first week of Term 2. Each is stocked with single pads and tampon packs of eight, which are free to students who need them. A group of Year 13 Rotary Interact students will regularly check and restock the dispensers.

“We want to make sure that all students have access to sanitary products when they need them,” says Vivianne. “This initiative is a great way to ensure that students are comfortable at school so they can focus on learning.”