Musical Sisters

Congratulations to the Sullivan sisters (April, 9HVN and Emily, 12HFR) for getting accepted into the National Secondary Schools Brass Band. Auditions took place a couple of months ago, and the competition was tough.

April plays the drums, and Emily, the flugelhorn. (Not sure what that is? You’re not alone!) Emily says it’s a sort of ‘squished, stretched-out trumpet!’

The whole band will drive to Hamilton in the October school holidays and stay at the university. They will spend a week working on music, then perform a concert there on the Saturday night.

As an experienced band member, Emily has done these trips before (for example, last year’s trip was to Christchurch), so she knows how enjoyable Hamilton will be. Both sisters are looking forward to the experience.

Practising is vital, and both Emily and April do as much as they manage. However, they acknowledge that it can be hard to fit in with busy lives. Fortunately, they have space to practice at home and a supportive family. Their dad has encouraged them to love music since they were small, and he played in the same band when he was at school.

We’re guessing that he’s very proud of both of his girls. We are, too.
As our own whakatauki says, “Mā pango, mā whero, ka oti te mahi!” “By black and red together, the work will be done!”