Music Awards Dinner

On Tuesday 25 October our musicians from Westlake Girls and Boys enjoyed a celebratory Music Awards Dinner at McHughes Restaurant in Cheltenham.  It was attended by senior students in Year 11 – 13, the Heads of School, SLT, music staff and parents. The guest speaker was Somi Kim (WGHS graduate 2007) and she spoke about her professional life as the current pianist in the NZ Trio.  Awards were presented to students who have participated in musical ensembles and badges given to award national results. The Special Cups and Trophies were presented to the Year 13’s and the 2022 prize winners are as follows:

Leadership in Instrumental Music Serena Chen & Alice Hirst
Leadership in Music Department Sasha Middleton & Maddi Jagger
Leadership in Performance Tessa Rouse & Olivia Brice
Creativity in Music Sophia Zhang
Choral Music Nikka Caraig & Molly Mahan
Excellence in Music Performance Audrey Guo
Most Promising Song Writer Noelle Nayon
Accompanist Tara Yoo
Excellence in Ensemble Performance Audrey Guo