MUNA brings together global citizens

By Zara Shreyoshi 
Year 12

The Dorothy Winstone Centre auditorium at Auckland Girls Grammar School this year welcomed over 94 teams from 48 schools to discuss and formulate solutions to the many global issues facing the United Nations and the world today.

Topics, including the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis, the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, the influences of renewable energy sources on climate change and the civil war in Yemen, sparked a series of enlightening and optimistic discussions. Dressed in the traditional clothing of their assigned countries, delegates walked the stage and delivered their speeches with passion and enthusiasm.

After weeks of preparation, the two Year 12 Westlake teams representing Bulgaria (Ishani Soni Singh, Frederika Clements, Kristy Zhang) and Gabon (Kirsten Abustan, Adriana Tobin, Dinithi Liyanage) delivered their arguments and positions with compassion and conviction on the many issues raised throughout the two-day assembly.

The Press Team, which consisted of 15 dedicated Westlake members, actively recorded the highlights of the event in the form of a newsletter and accompanying video. Between speeches, heated debates, rebuttals and Pita-Pit lunch breaks, all participants were able to unite and discuss what binds them together as global citizens. Founded and sponsored by Rotary International, such stimulating and eye-opening events such as MUNA truly opens doors for our future leaders to improve and thrive.

Thank you to the dedicated Social Science teachers who mentored, tutored and accompanied us, for their support and advice over the past six weeks.