Mountain Bike Championships

The Westlake Girls High School Mountain Bike Team acquitted themselves extremely well at the North Island School MTB Championships over the weekend. We had four podium results and all the riders acquitted themselves well on and off the bike. The school jackets and two types of riding tops were really well received and the general turn-out of the team and management received many positive comments.

Cross Country (XCO):
U14 Girls:
1st place Astyn Nasmith (North Island Champion).
2nd place Kaylan Nasmith.

U17 Girls:
5th place Talia Hosking.
8th place Stella Beale.

Cross Country Relay (Team: Talia Hosking, Astyn Nasmith and Kaylan Nasmith)
U20 Girls:
2nd place Westlake Girls High School

U14 Girls:
3rd place Kaylan Nasmith.
5th Place Astyn Nasmith.

U17 Girls:
7th Place Talia Hosking
14th Place Stella Beale

The team Astyn Nasmith, Stella Beale, Kaylan Nasmith, Talia Hosking and Taya Nasmith (Assistant Team Manager).
Cross Country Relay – Westlake Girls 2nd Place.