Motocross – North Island Secondary School Champions

Lively and unlimited, the Westlake Girls Motocross Team started the season with an impressive 2nd place finish at the first event in Patetonga ahead of 34 schools. The team of Year 9 and 10 students of Milla Glasgow, Thalia Heileson, Sophie Bockett and Madison Kennedy’s is young but determined and their passion is infectious.  The next week, they took their performance to the next level, at the North Island Secondary Schools Championship at Pukekohe.  With podium finishes in all three races, Glasgow finished 1st, Heileson was 2nd and Bockett came in third.  Unfortunately, Kennedy was unwell on the morning of the event.  However, the team’s results were more than enough to win the overall event and beat 27 other schools to become the North Island Secondary Schools Champions.

The Secondary Schools Series continues throughout winter with events in Rotorua on May 26, Tokoroa on 21 July and then in Whangarei on 4 August before the New Zealand Secondary Schools Championship in Pukekohe on 1 September.