Meeting with Senator and Astronaut Marcos Pontes

Several Brazilian senators recently visited New Zealand for a week of meetings. One of the senators was astronaut Marcos Pontes. To our delight, he agreed to meet with one of our students and share some of his experiences with her. Marcos Pontes boasts an impressive resume as a Brazilian Air Force Pilot, engineer, AEB Astronaut, politician, and author. He holds the distinction of being the first and only South American to journey into outer space. He is, notably, the sole Brazilian to have completed NASA’s rigorous astronaut training program.

Jappan Kaur (12PSN) is interested in joining the Defence Force, Air Force, NASA, or even becoming an astronaut. Jappan is a fabulous example of a student who seizes every available opportunity. She was the perfect choice to earn the privilege of meeting with the accomplished Brazilian astronaut, former Minister of Science (and elected Federal Senator) Marcos Pontes.

Senator Pontes, Jappan Kaur, and Mrs Scholten.

During their meeting, Senator Pontes was extremely impressed with Jappan’s unwavering focus, impeccable preparation, and clear objectives. He expressed his genuine pleasure at having the opportunity to meet with her.

Jappan loved the experience!

This event was organised by Mrs Scholten, our Student Business Liaison superstar. If students would like to visit a company or are wanting an internship, she is the person to contact.

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