Meet our new Board of Trustees Student Rep

We held our student elections for the Board of Trustees recently, with Year 11 student Jappan Kaur voted in as new Student Representative.

Over her time at Westlake, Jappan has had many academic achievements and has been involved in lots of extra-curricular activities and sports. She is excited to be the new Student Rep on the Board of Trustees, and shares her thoughts below:

Jappan Kaur

Hi, I’m Jappan Kaur, a Year 11 student at Westlake Girls High School. I was born in New Zealand and my parents migrated from Punjab, India in 2001. After facing many hardships in New Zealand because of their race, religion and socio-economic differences, they continued to pursue through those tough times and are now successfully and happily living on the North Shore. My parents made many sacrifices to give me a life much easier than theirs and I want to thank them for this and their constant support because they are the reason why I am here.

I am very grateful for being elected this year for the Board of Trustees Student Representative of Westlake Girls High School. I would also like to thank everyone who voted for me to represent them and their voice. I will try my absolute best to fulfil all the promises I made and represent the student body and their concerns. I would also like to thank everyone who took the time to vote, not just for me but any of the other capable candidates, because I am proud that you took action to get closer to changing our school for the better. I would also like to thank all my teachers and staff for supporting me and a special mention of thanks to the other candidates.

Here in my three years at Westlake, I’ve tried to make the best of the opportunities our school offers and I am very grateful to be here at this school and for all the amazing teachers and peers that supported me every step of the way and still continue to do so. I have previously been part of the school tennis team, the CYGNET programme, and many different clubs and events. I am currently an Amnesty International leader, librarian team leader, participating in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh and many other clubs and activities ranging from participating in the Westlake Model United Nations to Junior Debating and Philosophy Club. This school has helped me excel in school as well as out of school helping me to win speech competitions, sports competitions and encouraging me to help my committee through volunteering.

Standing up for this role was a step outside my comfort zone, challenging my confidence, abilities and self-esteem. I am grateful I did this because I believe that growth only happens when one is willing to put themselves in an uncomfortable and challenging situation. That’s how I believe one can truly grow and become a better person for both themselves and the society around them.

Now elected for this role of student representative I will take the problems and concerns of the students to the Board of Trustees so real, long-lasting change can happen that enhances the student and staff life here at Westlake Girls’ High School. I am dedicated to helping my peers and my teachers. As promised, I want to be the voice of the students and have this voice heard loud and strong.

Once again thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and also supported me along the way.